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Florida District Nazarene Bible Institute

First Class

First Class is the mandatory orientation class for the ministry and ordination preparation process for Florida District Church of the Nazarene. All new students should take this class, before they take any other classes. If students have already started other classes, they should still take First Class. It is designed to answer most of the basic questions about the process toward ordination.


Date & Time: See below for dates of the various areas (class date, location, and time may vary)

Main Contact Information: Contact instructor listed for your location (see below)

Class FeeTBD

Location & Class Information:

  • St. Petersburg/ Tampa Area: TBD

  • Lakeland Area: TBD

  • Orlando Area: TBD

  • East Coast/ Space Coast Area: TBD

  • Tallahassee Area: TBD

  • Panhandle Area: TBD

Hispanic Students: Contact Dr. Edgar Diaz,, 813-752-1949

  • Central District Areas: TBD

  • Northern District Areas: TBD


  • Review "Plan of Examination" Florida District: click here to download

  • Review “Responding to God’s Call”: click here to read it

  • Review the 2017-2021 Nazarene Manual paragraphs: “Ministry and Christian Service” (paragraphs 500-539):

    • click here to get a copy of the Manual in English

    • click here to get a copy of the Manual in Spanish

  • Read the “Guide to Ministerial Preparation and Ordination”: click here to download a copy

  • The Pre-Class Assignments (read the following sections from "The Guide to Ministerial Preparation and Ordination"):

    • Welcome to the Journey: Partners on the Journey pp 5

    • The Call pp 7 - 8

      • Writing: briefly describe the experience of your call to ministry; the where? the what? the how? the when? what area of ministry do you believe God is calling you to pursue?

    • Educational Preparation pp 10 - 12

    • Licensing & Ministry Experience pp 14 - 20

      • Writing: briefly describe your past and current experience in ministry practice; what do you do? How do you prepare? What growth in yourself have you experienced?

    • Ordination pp 21 - 23

      • from the reading, what did you learn about ordination? Does this new knowledge change your intention?

    • Lifelong Learning and Effective Ministry for a Lifetime pp 25 - 26

      • from the reading, list the reasons given for developing lifelong learning for ministry? (also add in some of your own thoughts/ reasons).

    • Appendix A: Read through "Ability Statements" pp 27 - 30

      • Which of the "Ability Statements" do you identify in yourself the most? The least?

    • Complete and submit the form: "Registration of Call to Ministry"

      • click here to get a copy of the form

      • turn in completed form in class or mail to District Secretary (see address below)

Recommended Additional Reading....

General Contact Information: Rev Robert Yates, Director, FDNBI,, 407-538-3155

District Secretary's Address: Rev. Steve Egidio, 4720 Cleveland Hgts. Blvd., Ste 303, Lakeland, FL 33813