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The Florida District is comprised of over 125 Churches of the Nazarene in central and northern Florida, excluding the Florida Panhandle. Our congregations reflect the diversity of our state. Worship services are held in English, Spanish, French/Creole, Vietnamese, Korean and Arabic each Sunday.

Our district is grouped into nine geographical mission areas. A Mission Area Coordinator (MAC) is appointed to each mission area. MACs are local pastors who serve to aid their fellow area pastors and congregations in connecting with God’s unique plan, for His unique church, in their unique neighborhoods, and to connect with the pastors and their families in their mission areas. MACs play a vital role in the effectiveness of our district to aid and equip our pastors.



Big Bend Mission Area

Dave Pullen

First Coast Mission Area

Nick Lennon

Central Mission Area

Greg Brown

Sun Coast Mission Area

Nick DeFord


Space Coast Mission Area

Bradley Fink    



Orlando Metro Mission Area

To be supplied


Gulf to Bay Mission Area

Pat Glenn

South Central Mission Area

Tim Hancock