"Every congregation accomplishing God’s unique plan, for His unique church, in their unique neighborhood and beyond."


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Nazarene Missions International

Rev. Eric Skelton
District President
email: pastorerock@aol.com

Nazarene Missions International (NMI) is the church-relations heart of Global Mission. Therefore, NMI’s purpose is to mobilize the church in mission through praying, giving, educating, and engaging children and youth. We do this by resourcing local congregations to better fulfill Christ’s Great Commission locally and globally, and focusing on the multicultural and multi-generational strategic objectives of being united in vision and moving forward in action, for the purpose of making an impact on the world for Jesus Christ.

Please see the important information below that was handed out at 2018 District Advance:

NMI 2018-2019 Calendar

NMI 2018-2019 Youth Project
NMI 2018-2019 Kids Project

NMI 2018-2019 Links Info

NMI 2018-2019 Where to send money

Use the link below to contact our District  NMI leadership.  You can find more resources at www.nazarene.org/nmi