The Board of Ministry

The Board of Ministry on the Florida District exists to prepare ministers in training for ordination and to give oversight to the continuing education of those serving as pastors.

To fulfill its purpose, the Board of Ministry is organized into a Board of Credentials and a Board of Ministerial Studies.

The Board of Ministerial Credentials (click here for Ministerial Credentials page)

To evaluate and affirm the gifts and graces for ministry of those who present themselves as candidates for district licensing and eventual ordination (elder or deacon) in the Church of the Nazarene.

The Board of Ministerial Studies (click here for Ministry Preparation page)

To assist those who want to meet the educational requirements for eventual ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

Education for Nazarene Ministers

The educational preparation required of all Nazarene ministers is called the Course of Study. A Course of Study curriculum is a curriculum designed to develop the range of abilities needed for effective ministry. A curriculum that has been approved by the General Board and Board of General Superintendents is a validated Course of Study program. Those preparing for ministry must complete a validated Course of Study program and must adhere to the specific guidelines of the region on which they hold membership in the Church of the Nazarene.

Roster of Validated Course of Studies Programs (USA/Canada Region programs)

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The Board of Ministry is also responsible for:

Candidate Assessment

"Ministerial Candidate Workshop" - a semi-annual weekend event, jointly sponsored by the districts of the Southeast Region and Trevecca Nazarene Univerity's "Center for Pastoral Health."


The mentoring of ministers in training toward their goal of ordination.

Life-Long Learning

To provide information and resources for the continuing education of those serving as pastors and ministers in accountability to meet annual denominational requirements for Lifelong Learning Credits.