Note: This page is not for use by Senior (Lead) Pastors.

As mandated by the 2017-2021 Nazarene Manual, all credentialed ministers are required to submit an annual report to the district on which their credential is held (538.9). This annual report is to include updated contact information, updated local church membership, and updated ministry assignment/ activity for the past Church year.

This page contains the links for the form to be used by those ministers not filing the Annual Church/ Pastor’s Statistical and Financial Report.

Below, you will find a link to an online Annual Minister’s Report form, which is designed for all ministers to use. Or you may choose the “paper” version of the annual form for download, filling-in with MS Word and returning by email, or by printing, handwriting and mailing the form.

Note: All forms are in English, and some are also in Spanish, as noted [Spanish version].


annual minister’s report online (all ministers, except sr. pastors)

Click here to access the online report form (completed form will transmit via submission) [English only]

annual, NON-RETIRED, NON-EVANGELIST, minister’s report - ms word fill-in / handwrite form

Click here to download MS Word Fill-in form (complete and send via email address below) [Spanish version]

Click here to download alternate fill-in form for Mac users (complete and send via email address below) [English only]

Click here to download handwritten form (complete and mail to address on form) [Spanish version]

OTHER forms (DOWNLOAD if needed)

Annual Report Form for Retired Ministers - Click Here (MS Word Fill-in only) [Spanish version, print only]

Annual Report Form for Evangelists - Click Here (MS Word Fill-in only) [Spanish version, MS Word or Print]

Annual Report Form for Lay Persons - Click Here (MS Word Fill-in only) [English only]

Contact information

Rev. Steve Egidio, District Secretary,, cell# 863-409-3718