Annual Pastor's Report

Annual Pastor's Report online Due by March 16, 2018

(**information about 2018 District Advance Delegates below**)

Download the following ANNUAL PASTOR'S REPORT instructions & forms:

Please download and read the 2018 Annual Pastor's Report instructions, and then click below to open the online service. You may need to update your login and password information. If so, follow the instructions on the website. We do not know your passwords. Contact Steve Egidio, 863-409-3718, if you are having difficulties signing on.

  • Click here to download 2018 Annual Pastors Report Instructions (read first, PDF)
  • Click here to download 2018 Annual Pastor's Report worksheet (PDF)
  • Click here to download 2018 Deceased Members Report (MS Word fill-in form; complete and email back to
  • Click here to download "Annual Meeting Checklist" (PDF; help in planning and executing your annual meeting)

2018 annual pastor's report online:

  • Click here to access the 2018 Annual Pastor's Online Report system



**information about District Advance Delegates**

2018 District Advance Delegate Registration Due by March 31, 2018

The Delegate Election Report (paper form) and Delegate Registration Online are both required by the due date this year. Both are used to verify your Church's delegates' eligibility and registration.

These are the instructions and forms you need for delegate registration.

  • Click here to download the 2018 District Advance Delegate Election reference sheet (instructions)
  • Click here to download the 2018 District Advance Delegate Report* (paper form, required)
  • Click here to register your 2018 District Advance Delegates online (online form, required)

The paper Delegate Election Report (required) is to be used as a worksheet, from which you register your delegates online, and then it is to be sent in* as an official backup source of your delegate list. When you register your regular elected lay delegates online, be sure to also register your ex officio, and ministerial staff delegates online, as well. You will not register alternates online. All of the registration instructions are in the Delegate Election reference sheet.

Note: Each delegate registered online must have a unique email address (the online system does not allow duplicates). Click here to read the instructions on how to handle the unique email issue.

*Where to mail the 2018 Delegate Election Report form:

  • Rev. Steve Egidio, District Secretary
  • c/o Florida District Resource Center
  • 4720 Cleveland Heights Blvd., Suite 303
  • Lakeland, FL 33813

or send by email if possible to:

Please contact me, if you have any questions.

  • Rev. Steve Egidio, District Secretary
  • Florida District
  • Cell#: 863-409-3718
  • Email: